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UNO Birthday cookies! I love getting a glimpse of other people's themes for their parties. This time, an UNO first birthday party!

Birthday Cookie Bouquets

The request was for cookies that looked like UNO cards. I used my DIY rectangle cookie cutter - I know, it seems ridiculous, but I think it actually is faster!

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The UNO card is simple enough, but it translates differently onto a cookie I looked online to get some inspiration, and maybe some pointers, but I only found a small photo of one that I kinda liked, but I still had to figure out how the different steps. If you thought the chocolate creme cookies were amazing, just wait till you try these! Vanilla cookies filled with creme and sprinkles. My daughter cannot get enough of the creme and she is a sucker for anything with sprinkles!

Not only are they gluten free, but also peanut free and there are no artificial colors in them!

Number cake | Food :) | Cake, Number 5 cake, 5th birthday cake

Currently, they are available at Whole Foods and on the Goodie Girl website! The Birthday Cake is topped with colorful gumballs, gummy candies and nerds.

Birthday cookie cake in number shape recipe

I was reminiscing on her second birthday this evening, and SO much has changed over the past year. Okay, I better stop or eyes will be malfunctioning before we know it.

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My little way too! We make sugar cookies at least monty at our house. So, making her Birthday Cake out of sugar cookies was a no brainer!

Marlee can be found eating fist full of this stuff when I turn my back. The answer is none. I made half a batch of my absolute favorite sugar cookie recipe.

20 easy birthday cakes

I strongly suggest heading over and reading this post about the sugar cookies before making this double layer Birthday Cake! I then drew the number 3 on a piece of paper approx.

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  • With the leftover dough, I like to roll it into a log and then freeze it. When you need a quick treat, just take out of the freezer and thaw for a bit, then slice, bake and serve. Let the cookies cool completely before moving them. Even after they have cooled completely, move with care!

    Birthday Cake Mix Cookies Recipe

    I piped the frosting on, making large dots all over the bottom cookie. I topped with the other sugar cookie and then repeated the piping process. The larger the better! I used a Wilton 8B.


    I topped the cake with large and small gumballs, gummy bears, starbursts and nerds. The possibilities are really endless though! Can this be made the day before the party, or only on the same day? It could definitely be made the day before!!