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That was the time i felt im full enough for him. I cried and said 1 day i will make u feel much painful compared the thing uve done to me.. If ever one day i have this man who will accepts me for who i am i will go for him. My wish come true i was inlove with this man who is 10 years younger from me. He is single we secretly lived together.. But suddenly my husband begging me to give him another chance. My husband nw staying at home waiting for me to come home i started become a liar pretending working but im not im just living with this man untill nw..

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But his family doesnt want me for him. Now i was drown into temptations and i feel i cant find anyway to get out from it.. But this man loves me thats why i cant turn my back on him. Found out my husband is in another affair. I think we are done this time. I want better. Do you see one of us moving on for good, with our life for something better? Rotonda, if he has cheated on you before and is in yet another affair, you may want to consider leaving the relationship. This person obviously enjoys the spirit of the hunt and love to prey on different women.

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You, right now, are his biggest prey. He made you his wife to keep you from any others under lock and key. Give him an ultimatum. Like an abusive man, if his woman leaves, he will play for a while and return for her with promises that he will break with each broken one being worst and worst. You deserve someone who values are like yours. Heal yourself. Forgive yourself.

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Love yourself. Surround yourself with beautiful things and people. Pluck out that ugly weed from your lovely garden. Give the ultimatum. My husband passed 6 yrs ago.. I am now with a new man and am very happy…I want to know: is that s relationship gonna last?

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Are we gonna stay together, or is this a waste of time? Is he in fact, just bidibg his time with me until this other lady is maybe available to him? She had told him no on dating him, then we got together, so if in fact she changes her mind, will he leave me to b with her? Or possibly his ex wife? Thank you!!!

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So I read your question while reading my horoscope, I to am an Aquarius and right off the bat I can tell you that a long term relationship with an Aries is a very difficult venture if you want to be happy and understood and reassured. Check out some thorough compatibility scopes. So my advice is to cut and run start over and you need to be the one who makes the break it will shock him and in turn give you a great sense of pride and self confidence to be the one who is in control. You already know the truth. Be brave and remember that fear is the mind killer, overcome it and you will be free and happy.

Good luck and I hope this helps you. Remeber how great you truly are and never settle for less than you deserve which is everything. Have a great day. Women are born with a special intuitiveness. If it looks like he is being secretive, he is. Some people prey on the others they sense are in a vulnerable state. They can be like parasites. They see a favorable host and latch on. If you are concerned this early in the game, it may be time you need to step back to nurture yourself more.

Know that you deserve to feel and be the main attraction in your relationship. Try telling your partner how this makes you feel, if he belittles you in anyway instead of finding a way to make it work, leave it.

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It must be daunting. Do not be afraid. Wow my son just called and told me his father he had a bad dream about me and he is scared cause all his dreams have came true and i beleave when something u feel is that strong it should be reconized and acknowledged anyways. But what i think is we are all in days of truth what do we or what do u truly want to li e for life death darkness or light sadness or joyfullnes days of choice. Great horoscopes could not be happier with what you have wrote, and you could not get any closer to what you have written.

I was thinking about writing a card and sending it to her with my mum who is going to visit next week! Everything else is great what you have wrote too. Thank you i will now be reading myvsign daily, im pleased i downloaded this app. Its wiered that i say this because i was born on JAN. I feel Like zodiac prophecies are more than just predictions, they are teachings of history being repeated. Love is a name of great feeling,love is a name of peace and those peoples who had a true lovers are very luck:'. Everything is so true….

My life is exacaly how it sayz it iz!!! I expect so many things from oracle that today i will see my zodiac sign prediction; the way i guide oracle. See its not for teenager,it is for all 21 to 40 …So tell abt love but tell many things in one love,business,enemy,friends mix many things in one package. We get to know abt all things in one small package,write like comprehenision all in one short paragraph. Give advice but please tell what we should do day today and what work we should avoid today. If u tell foretell then it will look more nice. This website is nonsense becoz students and who r doing job both shud b written and it shud b written according to date 1 feb,2 feb,3 feb to!

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Perhaps more than any other sign, Aquarius need to do things their way. It might seem that you are blindly determined. This is where reading the Weekly Aquarius horoscope can help: these scopes are written with your working week in mind.

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